Jaguar Service

A Jaguar can easily last over 150,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. Their superior handling, luxury ride and great design will make you want to keep your Mercedes in tip top shape so you can enjoy all the performance the car has to offer. Proper maintenance will also save you on repair expenses over the life of the car and add to the safety of your vehicle.

We perform the following maintenance on your Jaguar car:
Annually or every 7,500 miles

  1. Change engine oil and filter with Mobil 1 0-40 or extended performance 5-30
  2. Check and top all other fluids
  3. Visually inspect undercarriage for problems
  4. Inspect tires and rotate every second small service
  5. Check wiper blades, replace if streaky
  6. Check windshield washers
  7. Check lights
  8. Check belts and hoses
  9. Check operation of air conditioner and heater
  10. Road test car and note any problems

Every 15,000 miles this work is added:

  1. Replace wiper blades and clean washer nozzles
  2. Use Autologic to check for stored faults in the various computer systems
  3. Check handbrake operation
  4. Lubricate door locks

Every 30,000 miles this work is added:

  1. Inspect exhaust system and service as needed
  2. Replace air filter
  3. Replace cabin filter
  4. Inspect battery and replace if 4 years old or if it fails load test
  5. Check serpentine belt condition – replace if cracked. Check tensioners and rollers.
  6. Inspect brake discs/rotors
  7. Inspect brake fluid level, brake hoses, and brake pads
  8. Inspect cooling system
  9. Inspect door hinges & locks
  10. Inspect engine
  11. Inspect engine mounts
  12. Inspect exhaust system
  13. Inspect fuel system
  14. Inspect handbrake
  15. Inspect headlights, check aiming
  16. Inspect lights & controls
  17. Inspect seat belts
  18. Inspect steering system
  19. Check wheel alignment (front)
  20. Inspect wheel lug nuts
  21. Lubricate accelerator linkage
  22. Lubricate brake pedal
  23. Lubricate weatherstripping
  24. Torque propeller shaft bolts

Every 3 years this work is added, regardless of mileage traveled

  1. Change brake fluid, preferably in spring
  2. Change engine coolant, preferably in fall

Every 60,000 miles

  1. Change transmission fluid

Every 90,000 miles

  1. Replace spark plugs

Change final drive lubricant