BMW/MINI Service

BMW and Mini Cooper can easily last over 150k miles with proper care and maintenance. Their superior handling, luxury ride and great design will make you want to keep your car in tip top shape so you can enjoy all the performance it has to offer. Proper maintenance will also save you on repair expenses over the life of the car and add to the safety of your vehicle.

The BMW service intervals consist of three main service groups.

  1. Oil Service: Engine oil and filter change and additional preventative maintenance services.
  2. Inspection I: Major vehicle maintenance as specified in your Service Booklet.
  3. Inspection II: Additional major vehicle maintenance as specified in your Service Booklet.

Also, there are additional services required annually, consisting of:

  1. Brake fluid flush
  2. Coolant fluid flush

If your car is equipped with CBS (condition based Service) we can connect and give you a detailed report of what service you car currently required and reset the computer after the service has been performed!